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Saving space in small bathrooms

Small bathroom space saving ideas

The relaxation of minimum space standards in the UK has led to some of the smallest new build homes in Europe. So much so that according to the Royal Institute of British Architects, 50% off new builds homes aren’t big enough to meet the needs of people who live in them.

This has an effect on the size of rooms in a home, including bathrooms, which are already a compact space. And it’s not only new builds that are affected. Many refurbishments will need to invest in space-saving fixtures and features.

If your client is seeking ways to optimise space in their bathroom, take a look at our space-saving ideas.

Think smart when installing the shower

Although space may already be comprised in the bathroom, there are many ways to maximise the area, starting with the shower.

For showers that aren’t positioned over a bathtub you will need to fit a shower tray. However, this allows you to choose an option that best fits the space available. Square shower trays are favoured for small bathrooms, as they come in various sizes and materials. A quadrant shower tray is also a practical option as its curved front easily fits into a corner space.

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When it comes to choosing the shower enclosure, Bifold doors and sliding doors take up very little room and so are recommended for small bathrooms. Try to avoid swinging or pivot doors, which require extra space.

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Go tactical with the tiles

Tiling can play an important part of creating a space-efficient bathroom.

Depending on your client’s preference, certain tiles and where you fit them, can create an illusion of a larger bathroom. For example, tiling the side of the bath and the wall will make it hard to distinguish where each begins. You can also fit the same tiles on the walls and the floor to create a similar illusion.

What’s more, introducing a horizontal or vertical line of tiles in the bathroom can help to visually expand the space.

Consider your client’s cabinets

If space is limited, your client will need to invest in some innovative storage solutions. The first thing you will need to do is discuss how much storage your client will need. This will help you plan for a clutter-free bathroom.

From vanity units to wall cabinets, there are many clever products available that will streamline the bathroom and create space for your client they didn’t even know they had.

According to the market for space-saving bathrooms doesn’t appear to be slowing down – even if the government changes the minimum sized new-build housing laws.


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