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Can adding an extra bathroom boost the value of a home?

Research shows extra bathrooms increase your home’s value Due to economic uncertainty in recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to sell a house and buy another. This, coupled with rising house prices has led to fewer people moving and less properties on the market. In research conducted by, it was found that almost one in three (29%) homeowners are now delaying plans to move due to economic uncertainty and house prices, with the average homeowner committed to staying in their current property for at least the next eight years. With this in mind, and the cheap fixed rate… Read More

Saving space in small bathrooms

Small bathroom space saving ideas The relaxation of minimum space standards in the UK has led to some of the smallest new build homes in Europe. So much so that according to the Royal Institute of British Architects, 50% off new builds homes aren’t big enough to meet the needs of people who live in them. This has an effect on the size of rooms in a home, including bathrooms, which are already a compact space. And it’s not only new builds that are affected. Many refurbishments will need to invest in space-saving fixtures and features. If your client is… Read More

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